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To take part in any event, telephone Grey Macartney on 020-8840 5832, or email Peter Wilton

UPDATED 23/7/09

Gregorian Association Diary of Events 2009

Participants are asked to contribute towards the cost of events.


Chant Evenings at Farm Street Church, Mayfair


They’re back! A series of twelve chant evenings on Tuesdays at Farm Street church at 1830 hours, beginning on Tuesday the 22nd of September. Please email me or telephone Grey Macartney (for both, see above on this page) before attending. All too often, beginners arrive without prior arrangement when we’re tackling something really difficult; or else they say they’re coming and fail to arrive, so that experienced regulars have to sit through an evening of rather basic stuff! On Tuesday, the 18th of November, the Farm Street evening will be replaced by the Association’s annual Requiem at St Mary’s, Bourne Street, and the final evening (the 16th of December) will be a Christmas Party with chant at 26, The Grove, Ealing, London W5 5LH.

Entrance to Farm Street church is via 114, Mount Street, London, W1K 3AH (opposite the Connaught Hotel).